September 5, 2020

UCD the No. 2 public university for social mobility

UCD the No. 2 public university for social mobility

UC Davis has been recognized as one of the best public universities in the country at offering opportunities for upward social mobility to its graduates.

In its annual college rankings, published Sept. 1, Washington Monthly ranked UC Davis second in the nation — behind only Utah State University — when it comes to social mobility. Overall, among private and public universities, UC Davis ranked 11th.

Washington Monthly’s social mobility ranking considers graduation rates over eight years, the number students who receive Pell Grants and other socioeconomic data on student populations, affordability, the median income of graduates 10 years after enrollment, and student loan repayment.

“Washington Monthly’s annual college guide ranks individual schools based on how well they promote upward mobility, research, and civic engagement,” the publication says.

In a broader ranking, which considered universities’ overall commitment to the three categories, UC Davis placed 13th. Now in its 16th year, the Washington Monthly rankings considered 1,469 colleges in total.

In ranking colleges, Washington Monthly asks: “Which colleges deliver the best results for taxpayers—who invest more than $150 billion annually in student financial aid—and for typical students, especially those who are minorities, the first in their family to attend college, or of modest means?”

In addition to UC Davis, Washington Monthly ranked several other UC campuses among its top colleges. UC San Diego was ranked the 9th best college overall, UCLA 11th, UC Berkeley 17th, UC Santa Barbara 20th, UC Irvine 22th and UC Riverside 27th.

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