May 28, 2020

How to pay for college without student loans or debt

How to pay for college without student loans or debt

Mark Kantrowitz graduated from college with zero debt and money left over from all of his grants and scholarships. 

Now Kantrowitz, vice president of research at, has made a career out of helping people graduate college without a lifetime of student loan payments. 

His first recommendation is to start saving right now. “Every dollar you save is a dollar less you are going to have to borrow,” Kantrowitz said. He recommends using college savings tools like a tax-advantaged 529 plan to get the most out of your money. 

If you can’t save enough money to pay for college outright, you still have options. Watch this video to learn what you need to do to fund a degree and and to see how you can responsibly use student loans if you don’t have the money to pay upfront.   

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